Virtual Assistance Services ~ Managing Your Administrative Needs

Virtual Assistance Services
Managing Your Administrative Needs

Do you need help with…

Administration?Graphic Design?Newsletters?Social Media?Video Marketing?Web Design?

You’ve come to the right place!Creativity is our passion!We’ve got you covered!We’ll tackle it for you!We’re here to help you standout!It’s what we love to do!

Welcome to VA Business Help!

It’s no secret that administration is the backbone to any successful business; however, administration and maintaining a strong social media online presence can be very-time consuming for anyone, especially for a busy business owner like yourself.  I would also imagine that it’s safe to say your passion for starting your own business was not for the love of managing the administration side of your business. Many business owners today, such as yourself, are realizing that no matter how good you are at running a business, you cannot manage all the work behind the scenes required to keep your business afloat all on your own, and that delegating your work to a Virtual Assistant is becoming a vital part on any successful business today. At VA Business Help, we strive to assist and support you through a variety of services, including (but not limited to):

VA Business Helps virtual assistant team is committed to your company’s success, and working in partnership to help drive your business forward is our passion. We aim to provide you with a better work/life balance you strive for and deserve. If you’re stuck behind the scenes of your business, rather than driving it forward, our virtual assistant team at VA Business Help is here for you. Delegate your business needs to us; we will get the job done, and done well. You’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I sign up ages ago?!” Get the freedom you deserve, contact us today!


Small businesses that:

  • Are overwhelmed with their workload
  • Needs affordable options that keep overhead costs low
  • Needs customization and flexible administrative support
  • Want to be more productive and less stressed
  • Do not want the hassle of recruiting, hiring and training
  • Want someone to take the day-to-day minutiae off their plate
  • Want to keep growing, but are bogged down with admin work


We help you:

  • Reduce expensive operational costs
  • Minimize employment expenses (benefits, taxes, etc.) 
  • Focus on growing the business
  • Balance your work and personal life
When you partner with VABH, you’ll finally have more time to:
  • Grow your business
  • Increase profits and your bottom line
  • Build and maintain client relations
  • Focus on your passion
  • Spend quality time with family and friends



  • The VABH team of experts has a total of 15+ years (combined) experience serving corporations, family owned businesses, and entrepreneurs
  • Our team has In-depth understanding of the effort required to build a business
  • We go above-and-beyond to offer customization and personalization
  • We are U.S. based
  • We come highly recommended
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction
  • We will treat your business like it is our own


Here’s what our customers have to say…

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