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debbie graneyMore About Me

My web design career began while I was working as General Manager for a small manufacturing company. In this job I handled everything from overseeing a full machine shop to graphic design and promoting the products. One phone call from our web person forever changed my life. Our web person was closing up shop and moving on to other ventures.

Me, not having a clue about websites, decided to take a quick peek behind the scenes. I logged in to our account and somehow found myself viewing some HTML code. I looked at the code for a bit and thought “Wow! This is pretty cool!”. Within just a few minutes of viewing the code I figured out how it works and started messing around with it.

I was immediately comfortable with making changes and updates to the website. It was soon after that I started learning more about HTML… until I discovered his partner, CSS. It became a hobby in my spare time to delve deeper into this world of code and along the way I picked up a few web clients.

Four years later the manufacturing company I worked for sold their business and it was relocated to Alabama. This is when I started taking my web career seriously. To say that it is a passion is an understatement. I continue to learn more and more about coding and problem solving every day. It’s what I do and it’s what I am. So for that reason  my greatest pleasure is having a client tell me they love their website.


A Day in The Life

I’m an early riser. I do my best thinking, planning and problem solving first thing in the morning. Some of my hobbies I may sneak in during the day include biking, woodworking, baking, cooking, or interior decorating. On weekends I love spending time with my family playing cards, enjoying a nice dinner or just hanging out and chatting, but on most occasions my five and three quarter year old great nephew keeps me busy playing Hotwheels, bike riding or messing with Play-Do.


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