VABH Pricing Structure

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” ~ Warren Buffett

Every client and business is different. At VABH, we understand your needs are unique… so we base our rates on type of work you need – not a cookie cutter price that is “one size fits all.”

Here’s a little something for everyone!



The hourly rate option is for the business that only needs a VA for a short period of time, or for those who are not sure how much help or commitment they really need. It’s a great way to get to know VABH services and the quality of work we offer.

Not sure what tasks our VAs can help with? Schedule a free consultation to see how VABH can be of assistance, and get a quote on an hourly project that can help your business run smoothly.

The hourly rate is used to track time spent emailing, speaking on the phone, and discussing the project requirements. Other packages include these in the rate. Please note that a minimum of 5 hours is required per month.

Our Virtual Assistant team is committed to your success; we look forward to working in partnership to help drive your business forward.

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VABH knows that sometimes clients just need temporary help with a big project, extra support during a busy month, or assistance with recurring services.

The project-based rate is a perfect fit If you’re just looking for someone to help you with specific projects or services, and simply wish to pay upon completion.

With the project-based rate, there is no hourly minimum**. Once a project is finished, you can contact VABH to line up another project (see our Services page for an idea of all that we offer) when the need arises.

**All project based needs include consulting time, necessary phone calls and email support.

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Our most popular plan, the retainer package gives businesses the most “bang for their buck.” As a business, you need to get work done without scrambling at the last minute, and we provide consistent assistance with the flexibility to request a variety of work.

With this package, you can simply request work that fits within your monthly retainer, and our team will get right to work.

Retainer clients are billed monthly for a set number of hours each month, with a minimum of 5 hours per month for retainer clients**. VABH creates custom retainer packages based on your business needs, and rate discounts are applied to larger packages.

The best part is that unused time “rolls over” for 60 days, so you can use your hours whenever a project or administrative need arises.

**All retainer plans include consulting time, necessary phone calls and email support.

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Billing and Payment Policy

  • VABH bills you or your business once a month, with a detailed invoice sent and paid via PayPal
  • Billing is exact; no incremental time charges or “rounding up”
  • Retainer packages are billed on the last day of the month for work to begin on the 1st of the new month. Please note: Work begins once payment has been received for the upcoming month
  • Project-based work requires a 50% deposit before work begins. The remaining 50% is due upon receipt of the invoice
  • For hourly work, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice
  • Project-related reimbursements such as (office supplies, postage, letterhead, etc.) are added to invoice
  • Cancellations of work requires two weeks notice via email request

Referral Discounts

When you refer VABH, you can receive 1 free hour on your next retainer package if the referral becomes a client.  Contact us today  for a free consultation to find what VABH can do for your business. 

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