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Meet The VA Business Help Team!

Meet the team!

Stacey Shanahan

Stacey Shanahan

Owner, VA Business Help

After 20+ years providing administrative office support to higher level executives in both corporate and family owned businesses, I decided to spread my wings and launch my own Virtual Assistance Services business, VA Business Help (VABH). I started VABH because I had a strong desire to work in partnership with other small business owners and solo entrepreneurs who needed office help, but couldn’t and can’t afford the high overhead cost of full time (in-house) professional, experienced managerial assistance.

Debbie Graney

Debbie Graney

Web Design Specialist

Debbie has over 15 years experience in web & graphic design.  Her knowledge and experience in WordPress, HTML, CSS, Flash animation, graphic design, & social media is such a valuable asset to the VABH team.  What makes Debbie and I such a strong dynamic duo is we share the same love and passion when it comes to design. We throughly enjoy working together to help other business owners succeed.  Our commitment and dedication to providing the best customer service possible is unmatched.

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